AGEC331_1.27.09 - Actions to take • Questions to ask •...

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AGEC331 1.27.09 Call Planning Overall Planning Process There will likely be many Sales Calls and each will have its own Sales Call Strategy From Account Strategy to Call Planning Each Call should ain an understanding of goals, build trust, and anticipate customer needs Very Important: writing down customer’s opinions Planning a Sales Call Game Planning Regardless of the type of call, there should be Specific call objective A goal for what you want to accomplish A well planned call strategy Specific anticipated results A method of measuring results Follow up activity clearly anticipated before you call The Call Plan Selects the value that will be delivered on that call Helps seller think through
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Unformatted text preview: Actions to take • Questions to ask • Sales aids to use • A call plan helps the salesperson • Assemble what is known about the account • Plan the logical next step • Build the relationship • Complete the sale to follow • • • Call Objectives • E very call should contain specific objectives • Clearly understood and measured objectives • Clear and concrete • Realistic • Simple • Action oriented • Calling on a key account without an objective is amateur • • Measures • The measures in the call plan are always closely related to the results anticipated and behavior of customer • Often Very simple • If you wanted to get enough information to write a proposal, did you get it? •...
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AGEC331_1.27.09 - Actions to take • Questions to ask •...

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