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AGEC331_1.15.09 - Product Info Need as much detail as...

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AGEC 331 1.15.09 Next Tuesday: seating chart will be made MUST HAVE Copymat binder before then APRIL 7 APRIL 7 TH TH RSS EXAM – make sure there are no conflicts About RSS (Ready Set Sell) Must pick product/service to sell Cannot be Cutco, Kirby, car… etc Must be Business to Business selling List of Topics on p.5 in Brown Section of Binder Must be able to interview a sales representative for that product/service you’ve chosen Will profile a typical customer
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Unformatted text preview: Product Info Need as much detail as possible Need to know enough to present product Need two choices for product/service in case one isn’t applicable/relevant/good enough Must answer all questions for both options Selling to another business!! Farmers are a business Θυιζ Τυεσδαψ!! Quiz Tuesday!! Quiz Tuesday!! Quiz Tuesday!! Quiz Tuesday!! Quiz Tuesday!! Quiz Tuesday!! Over p.4-7, know material...
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