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Hawaiian Society Life and Kapu System

Hawaiian Society Life and Kapu System - 3 The first...

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1. What is ‘Aikapu? Sacred eating Men and women separated while eating (observed on the kapu nights of the 4 major male Akua) Women cannot eat = coconut and bananas are male sexual organs, red fish (used in sacrifices to the Akua) ; because were the kinola – the metaphor of male vs. female all these foods are male only Male can eat everything, can only cook, collect major food 2. The native name for New Zealand = Aotearoa
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Unformatted text preview: 3. The first No’aupio mating was between Wakea and Ho’ohokukalani • Because first pure blood line 4. The kalo fetus was Haloanaka and brother was Haloa 5. What is the name of the mountain on Hawaii’s island where the telescopes are located? • Mt Mauna Kea 6. What does ABCFM mean? • American Board of Commissioners for foreign missions...
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