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1. There are only 9 consonants in the Hawaiian language. 2. When did the first printing of Hawaiian occur? 1822 – 2 years after missionaries came 3. To speak Hawaiian you must think Hawaiian 4. The way to communicate between plantation workers was called Pidgin (took words commonly known to each other to communicate) 5. The difference between Hawaiian and the rest of Polynesian language is using T’s and K’s . 6. Which language in Polynesia has words similar to the Hawaiian language? Aotearoa 7. What is the correct spelling of the word that means pidgin?
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Unformatted text preview: • Creole = language (culturally based language) • Creole = people 8. According to “Pondering Pidgin,” when was pidginize Hawaiian developed? • Early 1800’s Notes: o Prior to 1820’s Hawaiians passed traditions down orally o A lot of r’s o Manoleo is the traditional language o 9 consonants = H,K,W,L,M,N,P,-,’ o 5 vowels (all Hawaiian words end in a vowel o Dakine = everything and anything o Aino Kea = I don’t care (pidginized Hawaiian)...
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