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Navigator Video - Polynesians • 3 cultures in islands...

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1976 canoe set out to Tahiti from HI Guided by Mal Pilon important because navigation by stars and waves; show people what ancestors knew Pacific Ocean largest then Earth combined Satawal – 1 mile, feet above sea level Mau learned to navigate from father and grandfather Use head and observe ocean/sky and remember words of teacher to navigate Sea = mens, land==womens Looked down on if can’t navigate Navigator responsible for all the crew (like his children); looked up to 10 hours travel Teach about ocean Mao - 8 separate patterns of swells recognized Allow then to catch more fish for village Had more authority in past than now Now only few islands have navigation Could die out 1976 – Captain James Cook came to Hawaii 12 years exploration, went every islands; saw common culture between islands; discover
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Unformatted text preview: Polynesians • 3 cultures in islands Polynesian (Central) migrated Asia or Americas Melanesia (West) Satawal (North) • Cook – Polynesian skilled in navigation and sailing • Canoe house – men = social club, school and work shop inside • Rope made from coconut fibers for canoes Coconut outside used for cocking between planks Each plank carved to exact shape • 1976 society of canoe reborn Hookalai’a (modern replica of old canoe) o 17 people; 6 tons of supplies o No map/instruments • Mao has memorized more than 150 star paths in the sky • Today children afraid to learn navigation or are too lazy • Film important because Mao afraid after his generation there will be no more navigators...
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Navigator Video - Polynesians • 3 cultures in islands...

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