Spoken Language in Polynesia

Spoken Language in Polynesia - • Teach English after...

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Hawaiian language only in lands of HI Most Hawaiians cannot speak Hawaiian language Language (193-1987) not allowed in schools because US government 1987-could teach Hawaiian in schools before English Hawaiian immersion programs at schools Good to start early 2 months-know name and age 4 months-fluent 3-5 years old (Punana Leo) Hula, writing, and speaking are taught Kupuna visit schools to interact and read to children
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Unformatted text preview: • Teach English after Hawaiian is fully understood (GREAT) • 100 children on waiting list to get into Punana Leo – need more teachers and people to create teaching material • Language won’t die if there are teachers to teach Hawaiian language to children • Children absorb what they learn • Ni’ihuas used to teach children...
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