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1. What is the name and rank of ‘Umi’s father? Liloa, ruling chief 2. Who was ‘Umi’s mother? Akahi-a-Kuleana 3. What was ka-lei-o-ku to ‘Umi? attendant 4. What was the gift from Liloa to Akaiti-Akuleana and her husband or raising ‘Umi’? Ahupua’a of Kealakaha 5. Who were the old men that were mistreated by Hakau? Nunu and Kakohe (brothers of ka-lei-o-ku)
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Unformatted text preview: 6. What jewel did Umi have that only one is made and belonged to only Liloa? Palaoa (ivory pendant) 7. Umi replaced him as the paramount chief of HawaiI island Hakau (half brother of Umi) 8. Which of Umi sons was the fastest runner? Pii-mai-waa (good bird catcher too) 9. What does Hookama mean? adopted...
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