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Unformatted text preview: MLA CITATION In-text quotation and citation: 1. Names of texts: Use quotation marks for essay names, e.g. Robert Ray’s “The Thematic Paradigm.” Use italics for books, movies, TV shows, e.g. Mark Hertsgaard’s The Eagle’s Shadow . 2. Citation info on texts and pages: Put the author’s name and page number in parentheses after the quotations, with no commas inside. Use just the page number if the author is already clearly identified in the sentence or earlier. Put the parenthetical info at the end of the sentence, with the quotation ending before the parentheses and the closing period or question mark coming after the parentheses. For example: Shylock’s absence in Act V of The Merchant of Venice may seem “surprising at first glance” (Muller 24). Mark Hertsgaard describes the US media as a “palace court press” (45). 3. Indented quotations: If the quotation is 4 lines or more in length, indent it from the body of the text. For indented quotations, do not use quotation marks, and put the citation information in parentheses after the closing punctuation. For example: Jonson's tendency to introduce topical allusions and satire into his plays is well known, and the necessarily time-bound nature of the masques made it even easier, and perhaps more necessary, for him to introduce material that dealt (explicitly or implicitly) with the events of the time, and often enough, the court for which...
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Documents - MLA CITATION In-text quotation and citation 1...

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