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Essay Hints - Hints 1.Focus: This means you have only a...

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Hints 1.Focus: This means you have only a single argument and subject. Depending upon the nature of each essay assignment, you will have to exercise varying degrees of your own judgement in deciding what an appropriate subject is. Most assignments will give you some freedom in choosing your focus for the essay. Read the directions, try to find a subject which both meets them and interests you (since you are likely to write better essays on subjects which interest you), and make sure that your subject is narrow enough to be adequately covered in an essay of the assigned length, and broad enough for you to avoid running out of things to say about it. 2.Argument/analysis: Have an argument or a point you are trying to make. If you have no argument, you have nothing to do other than providing information, and that is not an aim for these papers. If you do have an argument, it gives you a reason and a focus for your paper (see Point 1). Every paper in this class is supposed to be a combination of argument and analysis. Show me that you are capable of actually thinking about the subject and texts, not just getting the obvious surface meaning (especially since our texts don’t necessarily mean just what it seems – at first glance – that they do). Dig a little, think a lot. 3.Thesis statement: Make it clear in the first paragraph itself what your subject is, and preferably what your stand on it is. An essay is not a mystery story, so having your cards on the table early is a good idea. A thesis statement may be made in a single sentence or in a few related ones. Inappropriate thesis statement: “One of the important themes in Hamlet is appearance vs. reality.” (This provides no information about how the theme is treated and your stance on the subject). Appropriate thesis statement: “In Hamlet , Shakespeare explores the unreliability of appearance and the need for – and pitfalls of –
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Essay Hints - Hints 1.Focus: This means you have only a...

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