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Unformatted text preview: English 0902 –Paper 2 Answer one of the following questions in an essay of at least 5 pages (1250 words) . You may instead use one of the questions for Paper 1, as long as it is not on the text you wrote on for Paper 1. If you wish, create your own topic instead, as long as it has some connection to the focus for this course, i.e. representations of the Other in literature and other media. It must also make substantial use of one out of the texts we have read thus far (but not the one you used for Paper 1). If you wish to create your own topic, make sure to email me with your idea(s) as soon as possible, so that I can ensure that it is acceptable. For this paper, you need to use one external academic source , which means that it must come from a published scholarly source or an academic journal. You may use more than one source, if you wish, and as long as you have one academic source, the others may be of any kind. Make sure to provide quotations from the text as well as citations for all quotations. Also provide a Works Cited section for all quotations from the text as well as citations for all quotations....
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