0968 presentations (1)

0968 presentations (1) - dates/names Oct15&20 Topics...

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Spanish 0968  Presentation  dates/names Topics  Indigenous movements Alex Tighe Indigenous movements Rachel Ignotovsky Indigenous movements Alexandra Danoff Indigenous movements Amelia Field Blanda Indigenous movements Glenna Myer Indigenous movements Nov 3 Women in society Women in society Women in society Sharmeen Husain Women in society Women in society  Migration/immigration Nary Kate Daley Migration/immigration Kat West Migration/immigration Rhianna Gaehring Migration/immigration Julian Lopez Migration/immigration Jeremy Sowers Migration/immigration Social commentary: poverty violence  drugs Kevin Dudley Social commentary: poverty violence drugs Dan Lomask Social commentary: poverty violence drugs Joseph Russo Social commentary: poverty violence drugs Lea Shipwash Social commentary: poverty violence drugs Sophia Rabinowitz Social commentary: poverty violence drugs
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Sp 0968 Latin America in Film and Literature : Presentations Each student or pair of students 
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This note was uploaded on 04/09/2011 for the course LATIN AMER 0968 taught by Professor Kahn during the Fall '09 term at Temple.

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0968 presentations (1) - dates/names Oct15&20 Topics...

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