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Film commentary Fall 09 - (political/economic/social) 2. If...

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Spanish 0968 World Society in Literature and Film Film report Reports (typed) will be handed in on the second Thursday of each unit (i.e. the week after the  film viewing), double-spaced, 1-2 pages, and should include the following: A. Basic information     : 1. Title, director, year and country of production 2. 3. Location and date of action 4. BRIEF plot outline  5. Main theme(s) of film B.  Responses to the film handouts, including the following areas :   1. Select and explain scenes which demonstrate significant aspects of Latin America 
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Unformatted text preview: (political/economic/social) 2. If you have read the book on which this film was based, mention and explain any differences between book and film 3. Discuss aspects of this film (ideas, scenery, evidence of low/high budget, realism, etc ) which represent the film industry of Latin America and/or Hollywood? 4. Your own personal comments. Any bibliographic material you use MUST be quoted or appropriately referenced and listed in a bibliography at the end of your report....
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