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Mayan Life readings 10.09

Mayan Life readings 10.09 - Gonzlez Gaspar Pedro A Mayan...

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González, Gaspar Pedro A Mayan Life Rancho Palos Verdes: Yax Te’ Foundation: 1995 Readings: summary and comments to lead class discussion . Groups of 3 for each theme: sign names below Class discussion date Pages Themes Thurs 10/8 6-31 Birth ceremonies Sophia Rabinowitz, Jeremy Sowers, Julian Lopez Thurs 10/8 33-77 Rural life:difficulties: coastal plantation/highland village Alexandra Danoff, Rhianna Gaehring, Alex Tighe Thurs 10/8 70-119 Lwin starts to learn; discrimination (police, school) Kevin Dudley, Mary Kate Daley, Kat West
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