SP 0968 Mid-term exam SAMPLE

SP 0968 Mid-term exam SAMPLE - C. Background (18 pts)...

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Spanish 0968 Mid-semester exam : outline A.Identify    6  of the following explain briefly  what they are known  for :(24 pts) (names from films/books and historical background to these materials) B. People/places  (27 pts) B.1. Which countries appear in the following films?   (9 pts): B.2. Name  indigenous peoples /places  (9 pts)
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Unformatted text preview: C. Background (18 pts) Either/or answers based on the 3 previous quizzes C. Commentary. Write a paragraph on FOUR of the following topics. You should show both your knowledge of the facts and a critical/analytical approach : (40 pts) (topics related to the films and books we have studied so far) 1...
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