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Familiar Tonal Pattern VA_1

Familiar Tonal Pattern VA_1 - Evaluation of Tonal Pattern...

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Evaluation of Tonal Pattern Interaction – Verbal Association – Major Tonality Name_______________________ Tonal LSA Unit_____ Evaluator____________________ Section_____ Criterion_____ The teacher ____ refrains from unnecessary talking ____ establishes tonality correctly (tonal syllables – Movable DO) ____ maintains tonality throughout pattern instruction ____ maintains keyality throughout pattern instruction ____ sings patterns in a detached style ____ sings patterns non-metrically ____ correctly sings two-note patterns ____ correctly sings three-note patterns ____ takes a breath with each gesture The teacher’s gesture clearly indicates when ____ to audiate ____ it is his/her turn ____ to take a full breath (with teacher breath) ____ it is the students’ turn Overall, the teacher delivery of pattern instruction is 5 compelling, consistent, handles errors expertly 4 competent but not compelling, errors handled well 3 inconsistent, interrupts instruction after errors 2 unaware of inconsistency, inability, or errors 1 unable to attempt instruction Evaluation of Tonal Pattern Interaction – Verbal Association – Minor Tonality
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