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Kodaly_1 - Obtained pitch reference accurately Obtained...

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Name:___________________ Approach:_______________________ Date:__________ Evaluator:____________________ Skill Description EVALUATION AND COMMENTS Delivery of Instruction Eye contact with students Compelling body language and teacher stance Spoke clearly Used appropriate dynamic levels when speaking Spoke slowly enough to be understood Made it clear that you observed students’ behavior Moved away from teacher spot appropriately Used the teaching techniques associated with the approach Used proper grammar Avoided reading directly from the plan Body use appropriate (sitting/standing like a musician) Clearly prepared for my part of the plan I was ready when it was my turn to deliver instruction Avoided empty comments: GOOD JOBS, etc. Avoided using habit words: Okay, Okay? Now, This Time, Boys and Girls, Good Job! I remained engaged in the lesson when my partner was teaching Comments: Pitch Reference EVALUATION AND COMMENTS Obtained pitch reference quickly
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Unformatted text preview: Obtained pitch reference accurately Obtained pitch reference musically Re-established keyality when necessary Your Song Performance EVALUATION AND COMMENTS Exemplary intonation Exemplary singing voice quality Maintained tonality throughout Maintained keyality throughout Maintained steady macrobeat tempo Sang song as notated Men: Light vocal quality in the octave children should sing Compelling facial expressions Expressive performance Modeled full macrobeat breath before singing the song and singing or chanting patterns + (2) Consistently performed criteria: Evidently understood task- (1) Inconsistently performed criteria: Evidently understood, however Either inconsistently performed criteria without understanding or without mastering task ? Student (prior to evaluation) realizes lack of understanding and seeks help from TA or professor NA This criteria was not present in task 1...
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