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Theory I Assignments (all pdf files) HW1 - Clefs HW2 - Major Keys HW3 - Minor Keys HW4 - Minor Key Signatures HW5 - Minor Key Signatures HW6 - Intervals HW7 - Triads HW8 - 7th Chords HW9 - 7th Chords HW10 - 2-part Counterpoint HW11 - 2-1 Counterpoint HW12 - Counterpoint: suspensions HW13 - 4-part settings HW14 - I-V-I HW15 - I-V-I and V7 HW16 - V7 and analysis HW17 - PD and analysis HW18 - PD, Cad6/4 and analysis
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Unformatted text preview: HW19 - L.T. chord and analysis HW20 - Analysis: 6/4 chords and cadences HW21 - Harmonizing melodies SATB HW22 - Harmonizing chorale melodies HW23 - Harmonizing figured bass HW24 - Harmonizing figured bass HW25 (p.1) - Analysis of RNs & embellishments HW25 (p.2) - Analysis of RNs & embellishments (cont.) Note: Assignment #25 is two pages; be sure to download both pages....
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