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Unformatted text preview: Theory 1 -- Assignment #24 NAME: ___________________________ Realize the figured bass below: 1. Add Roman Numerals according to the figures. 2. Write a right-hand part that follows the chords indicated by the figures. Your realization can be simple chords (Keyboard Style), or you can compose a more ornate right-hand part that still follows the indicated chordal progression. Flute 12 œ . œ œ œ &b 8 & b 12 8 œœ J #œ Œ. J œ œ. œ œ œœ J œ ‰ ‰œ J J Continuo ? 12 œ b8 #œ œ. J œœ J 6# 6 œœ J 4 - jœ œ # # œ J 6 œ œœ J 6 6 œœ J 4 - jœ œ 3 œ J &b œ &b ?b œ 6 œ œ œ. œ œ J œ œ œ œ. œ œ œ. œœ J 6 œœ J 6 # œœ J 6 œ J 6# œ œœ J 6 6 4 j œ œ. 5 # ...
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