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Name_________________________ Lab #1 (to be turned in to your lab instructor) I. Singing 1) Analyze the following canon a) Provide a Roman numeral for each bracketed arpeggiation (I, ii, etc.) b) Determine the phrase structure: does it most resemble a parallel period, a contrasting period, or a sentence structure? ____________________ 2) Memorize the canon for lab tomorrow II. Intervals Melodic and harmonic III. Chord work a) Recognition of qualities in root position (M, m, d, A)
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Unformatted text preview: b) Recognition of triads in inversion (see possibilities on attached) c) Complete the following chord progression. Always write the bass notes on the staff and provide Roman numerals, with inversion numbers, below the staff. There are eleven chords. IV. Rhythm a) Starer #39, #40, #52, #53; in simple meters count 1-e-and-a, 2-e-and-a, etc.; in compound meters count 1-and-a, 2-and-a, etc. b) Learn Starer #40, #53 for next week...
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