Lab9.student - numbers below the staff b Dominant 7 th...

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Name_________________________ Lab #9 (to be turned in to your lab instructor) I. Singing 1) Analyze the following canon a) Provide a Roman numeral for each bracketed arpeggiation (two arpeggiations have passing tones) b) Define “Larghetto”: ________________________________________ 2) Analyze the canon harmonically a) Provide Roman numerals (one per blank) b) Circle all non-chord tones 3) Memorize the canon for lab tomorrow
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Lab #9, pg. 2 II. Melodic dictation Complete the following melodic dictation; remember to memorize first, then write III. Chord work a) Complete the following chord progression (from the bass line to the melodic dictation, above). Provide Roman numerals, with inversion
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Unformatted text preview: numbers, below the staff. b) Dominant 7 th chords (without resolutions). Hear the dominant 7 th chord based on where you expect it to resolve: V7 resolves up by fourth or down by fifth to I, V6/5 resolves up by half-step to I, V4/3 resolves down by step to I or up by step to I6, V4/2 resolves down by half-step to I6 IV. Rhythm a) Perform Starer #45, #59 b) Starer #46, #47; in simple meters count 1-e-and-a, 2-e-and-a, etc.; in compound meters count 1-and-a, 2-and-a, etc. NB Practice these exercises with a metronome to ensure that the changing subdivisions don’t change your tempo! c) Learn Starer #46, #47 for next week...
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Lab9.student - numbers below the staff b Dominant 7 th...

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