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Lab19.student - count 1-e-and-a etc throughout except as...

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Name_________________________ Lab #19 (to be turned in to your lab instructor) I. Singing 1) Analyze the following canon a) Provide a Roman numeral for each bracketed arpeggiation (two are suggested by only two notes, and two have passing tones) b) Define: “Moderato”: ________________________________________ 2) Analyze the canon harmonically a) Provide Roman numerals (one per blank) b) How does the bottom stave function?: as a ______________________. 3) Memorize the canon for lab tomorrow
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Lab #19, pg. 2 II. Rhythm Read the following exercises and learn them for next week (no pitch); in #108,
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Unformatted text preview: count 1-e-and-a, etc. throughout, except as marked. In #109, count 1-and-a, etc., throughout. In both, all grace notes should be articulated immediately before the beat (except in m. 12 of #109; there, perform as indicated). Lab #19, pg. 3 III. Chord work New seventh chords: Major seventh (do-mi-sol-ti) and minor seventh (do-me-sol-te). Hear both as distinct from dominant seventh (do-mi-sol-te); dominant seventh requires resolution, major and minor seventh chords do not....
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