Laitz Readings by the Week (2010)

Laitz Readings by the Week (2010) - 514-523 Fauxbourdon...

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Theory II (Music Studies 1712) Laitz Text Readings By Week Week Topic Laitz pages 1 Cadences 186-191, 282-283, 336, 428-429 Simple phrase structures 477-481 Periods 462-472 Double, asymmetrical periods 483-488 2 Motive 364-402 Diatonic Sequences 495-509 Writing diatonic sequences 509-513 3 Sequences with seventh chords
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Unformatted text preview: 514-523 Fauxbourdon 523-536 4 Secondary dominants to V 537-551 Secondary leading tones chords to V 545 5 Secondary dominants to other chords 537-551 4/2 chords as passing, neighbor, suspended 6 Sequences with secondary dominant chords 551-562 Larger tonicization (leading to Modulation) 563-569 7 Mid-terms...
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