Syllabus Theory II -2010

Syllabus Theory II -2010 - Theory II Music Studies 1712...

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Theory II Music Studies 1712 Professor John Johnson Office: Presser Hall Room 308 Office Phone: 1-8641 Office Hours: MWF 7:30 AM-9:00 AM and 12 NOON -1 PM ( by appointment only.) Email: or PREREQUISITES: Students must be either music majors or minors and must have received a passing mark in Music Studies Theory I, or must have received departmental approval (transfer students). REQUIRED TEXTS/MATERIALS 1. Laitz: The Complete Musician (2 nd edition) 2. Manuscript paper 3. Pencil and Eraser Text and Materials are available at the Temple University Bookstore (Student Activities Center). COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course combines written and aural theory in lectures and labs. It represents an extension of materials covered in Theory I, including more sophisticated analysis and composition, and extends the harmonic vocabulary to include modulation and extended tonality (augmented sixth chords, Neapolitan chord, mixture, etc.) Written theory places equal emphasis on writing and analyzing diatonic music. Aural Theory includes the traditional emphases on sight-singing and dictation (melodic and
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Syllabus Theory II -2010 - Theory II Music Studies 1712...

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