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Allen Williams Dr. Burns 4/10/11 Laughing as a Medicine Have you had your daily laugh? Laughing is the best form of medicine and the cheapest. There are many different benefits to laughter. Some of these include reducing stress levels, boosting the immune system, prolonging one’s life, enhancing brain activity, reducing stress levels and many more. There was a quote made by Mark Twain that stated “Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand”. Many doctors and professionals have agreed that laughing is essential to one’s health. I will explain this later in this paper. Overall laughter is the best non-conventional medicine that can produce the best effects for our health and us. Laughing can help us with stress management. Elizabeth Scott, M.S. is a health professional that believes that laughter reduces the level of stress hormones, provides a good internal workout, creates a positive outlook on life, and describes the social benefits of laughter. When one laughs they feel better and this goes on to create a positive mindset for that person. She also states that when someone laughs this can help provide a simple internal workout. Laughing works out the abdominal muscles, so if you want to get those hard abs laughing can be an underlying factor to obtaining that. Even though it is a simple exercise it is helpful and can benefit you. Also when you laugh more and are happy this attracts people to you. Nobody likes an unhappy individual. Laughing increases your social life and it prevents social awkwardness and makes you more
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approachable. People feel more comfortable when they interact with lighthearted people rather than bitter people. It is a proven fact that laughing helps burn calories. It is also good for the heart in this regard. You can actually burn calories without having to do anything except enjoy a good joke or have a good laugh. It is a simple way to burn calories. Doctors such as Michael W. Smith, M.D. recommends laughing daily. When you do laugh there is so much negative energy released, this creates positive effects for our body and can lead to overall better health. Steve Wilson, MA, CSP states “I feel that if people can get more laughter in their lives they are a lot better off”. Laughing increases the energy levels of a
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Laughing Research - Allen Williams Dr. Burns 4/10/11...

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