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Allen Williams Dr. Phoenix 10-10:50 Americans and Japanese Americans After the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7 th 1941 there was much resentment to Japanese-American citizens. Americans expressed this disinterest and racism in some aspects through different methods. An example that one of the articles is based on is anti-Japanese music. The author Krystyn Moon uses these examples to reveal ways that Americans displayed their resentment to the Japanese. A couple of other examples were the relocation of the Japanese and the way they were treated in the internment camps. Although there was a lot of turmoil associated with the Japanese at
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Unformatted text preview: this time a lot of the actions taken place during the WWII era were unjustified. Moon’s argument in the article “There is no yellow in the red white and blue” is based on the principles of how the idea of the general racist view spread throughout America. She provides examples such as after Pearl Harbor Time magazine came out with ways Americans could distinguish Japanese people from that of our Chinese allies. Characteristics such as “short” and “seldom fat” were included in the magazine article. Moon captures society’s view on what is happening during this time in America....
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