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Exam Name___________________________________ TRUE/FALSE. Write ʹ T ʹ if the statement is true and ʹ F ʹ if the statement is false. 1) Because of information systems, any or all of the value chain activities in Porter ʹ s model can be performed anywhere in the world. 1) 2) Because of the abundance of low - cost, well - educated, English - speaking professionals in India, many organizations have chosen to outsource their service and support functions, as well as some accounting functions, to India. 2) 3) The need to work around the clock caused by moving work into other time zones has greatly reduced productivity. 3) 4) Functional business processes are often well integrated. 4) 5) Differences in language, culture, norms, and expectations compound the difficulties of international process management. 5) 6) Cross - functional systems readily accommodate differences in language, business practices, and cultural norms. 6)
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Intl3Unlocked - Exam Name_

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