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DSCI 3710Sp2010_final vA - COURSE DSCI 3710 Exam 1 version...

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COURSE: DSCI 3710 Print Name: Exam 1 – version A Signature: Spring 2010 Student ID#: INSTRUCTIONS: Please print your name and student ID number on this exam. Also, put your sig- nature on this exam. On your scantron PRINT your name and exam version. To better protect your privacy also print your name on the backside of your scantron. You have 105 minutes to complete this exam. The exam is open book, open notes, and open mind. You may use any type of hand calculator but please show all your work on the exam and mark all answers on the scantron. Usage of cell phones, digital cameras, PDAs, and other communication devices is strictly pro- hibited. Many of the questions follow the format of those in Hawkes Learning Systems Business Statistics. The remaining questions are either based on the Excel assign- ments or use an HLSBS-like approach with problems nearly identical to those as- signed in the textbook. Please DO NOT pull this exam apart. When you have completed the exam, please turn in your scantron and exam booklet to your instructor, at the front desk. No cheating. Good luck and we wish you well on the exam. Note: Whenever question(s) are connected you may be asked to assume a result (given a value) as an answer for the previous question but this result (value) may or may not be correct. The procedure is set in place to prevent you from losing points on a subsequent question because you made a mistake on some previous question/s.
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Use the information given below to answer the 4 questions that follow: A corporation randomly selects 150 salespeople and finds that 125 who have never taken a self- improvement course that would like a course. The firm did a similar study 10 years ago in which 120 of a random sample of 160 salespeople wanted a self-improvement course. The groups are assumed to be independent random samples. Let p1 and p2 represent the true proportion of workers who would like to attend a self-improvement course in the current study and the past study respectively. The firm wants to test whether their current course recruitment efforts resulted in a greater proportion of workers that want to attend a self-improvement course than in the past. Z Test for Two Proportions Variable 1 Variable 2 Sample Proportion 0.833333 0.750000 Number of Observations 150 160 Ho: XXX Ha: XXX Z* 1.801215 P[ Z Z*] 0.035835 Z Critical, α = 0.01 X.XX 99% CI for p1 - p2 -0.035026 to 0.201692 1. What are the correct null and alternative hypotheses for the above situation? A. Ho: μ 1 > μ 2 Ha: μ 1 < μ 2 B. Ho: p 1 < p 2 Ha: p 1 > p 2* C. Ho: p 1 = p 2 Ha: p 1 ≠ p 2 D. Ho: p 1 > p 2 Ha: p 1 < p 2 E. Ho: μ 1 = μ 2 Ha: μ 1 ≠ μ 2 2. What is the critical value for testing the hypotheses for this problem if α = 0.01? A. 1. 645
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DSCI 3710Sp2010_final vA - COURSE DSCI 3710 Exam 1 version...

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