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Good Luck!!! DSCI 4520/5240 Fall 2010 Dr. Nick Evangelopoulos EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE Objectives of the first part of DSCI 4520/5240 Understand problems and opportunities when dealing with extremely large data sets. Understand the basic concepts underlying some popular predictive modeling tools, such as decision trees, regression/logistic regression, and neural networks. Learn how to use SAS EM and apply the SEMMA methodology in order to build predictive models, also be familiar with the CRISP-DM methodology. Compare alternative models Interpret modeling results and identify profitable opportunities Format and time constraints for Exam 1 20 multiple-choice questions, covering theory, concepts, calculations, and interpretation of graphs and outputs of EM analysis, and 3 problems related to decision trees where you will need to show all your work. Open books and notes allowed. You are advised to bring a calculator or a table for the p log 2 ( p ) calculations. Exam time is 90 minutes. Study Material
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