HMEQ_intro_HW2_2010 - DSCI 4520/5240: HW2 Handout GETTING...

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1 DSCI 4520/5240: HW2 Handout GETTING STARTED WITH SAS ENTERPRISE MINER 5.3 By Dr. Nick Evangelopoulos Based on material from SAS Education WELCOME to this SAS Enterprise Miner 5.3 tutorial. Parts of this write-up are based on SAS Education material. This handout introduces you to HW 2 . GETTING STARTED WITH ENTERPRISE MINER (EM) Start SAS Enterprise Miner 5.3 by going through the COB applications selections: Start > COB Menu >Applications > ITDS > DSCI 4520 > Enterprise Miner 5.3 The SAS Enterprise Miner 5.3 login window will open. Type the User name (in the domain\userID format) and Password that were given to you in class, e.g. User Name = sasminer\4520student25, password=xxxxxxx . Click Log On . The Welcome to Enterprise Miner screen appears. Select New Project . The Create New Project dialog box appears. In the General tab, type the short name of your assignment, e.g. 4520student13hw2a . (Please note that just naming it hw2 or even student13hw2 won’t work, as the server won’t allow two folders having the same
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name.) Type C:\4520projects\xxxxx in the path field, where xxxxx is your user name, e.g. C:\4520projects\4520student13 . Select the Start-Up Code tab. Type the library definition code as follows: libname ADMT 'C:\4520data'; You may use single or double quotes. Do not forget the semicolon at the end! An Enterprise Miner application window opens. Select File > New > Diagram… and then type a diagram name, e.g. diagram1 or hw2 . Click
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HMEQ_intro_HW2_2010 - DSCI 4520/5240: HW2 Handout GETTING...

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