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1 DSCI 4520/5240: HW2b Handout HMEQ DATA ANALYSIS WITH SAS ENTERPRISE MINER 4.3 By Dr. Nick Evangelopoulos Based on material from SAS Education WELCOME to this SAS Enterprise Miner 4.3 tutorial. Parts of this write-up are based on SAS Education material. SAS Enterprise Miner is an easy-to-learn, user-friendly, visual Data Mining environment. This handout introduces you to Enterprise Miner Projects and explains how to fit a basic Logistic Regression model, a Decision Tree, and a Neural Network model using the HMEQ data. 1. GETTING STARTED WITH ENTERPRISE MINER (EM) Your first task is to define a new Enterprise Miner (EM) project. Start a SAS session on your PC. With a SAS session initiated, you must next start the Enterprise Miner interface. From the SAS menu bar, select Solutions > Analysis > Enterprise Miner . 2. GETTING AROUND CLIENT-ONLY PROJECTS Once Enterprise Miner starts, you may or may not see a project that opens by default. Let us assume that a default project opens, which you are able to close by clicking on the EM window (making it active) and then selecting File > Close project Now if you right-click on the gray area, you will get an EM short menu. Select File > NEW > Project… As you will be working on your EM Project, SAS will be continuously saving your work in the designated project folder. Let us create a C:\temp folder and name the project hmeq .
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2 Behind the scenes, Enterprise Miner has created a new directory called hmeq . Within this new directory are three subdirectories: emdata, emproj, and reports. Emdata is a repository for the intermediate results files generated by the analysis. Emproj contains operational information pertaining to the newly defined project. Reports is a repository for any HTML reports generated within the project. 3. WORKING WITH DIAGRAMS (FLOWS) In the Project Navigator window, select the diagram Untitled and enter the new name hmeq . If the Diargam Workspace is still gray, double-click the newly named hmeq diagram icon to change it to white. You can now add Enterprise Miner tools to the Workspace. 4. LIBRARIES AND DATA FILES Data files in SAS are organized in Libraries. This homework exercise will require the data file hmeq.sas7bdat, assuming it is located in the Data4520 library. In order to have Data4520 defined as a SAS library, you need to create a new SAS library pointing to a folder containing
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HMEQ_overview_EM4-3_2010 - DSCI 4520/5240 HW2b Handout HMEQ...

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