HMEQ_scoring_HW4_2010 - DSCI 4520/5240: HW4 Handout SCORING...

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1 DSCI 4520/5240: HW4 Handout SCORING WITH SAS EM 5.3 By Dr. Nick Evangelopoulos Based on material from SAS Education WELCOME to this SAS Enterprise Miner 5.3 tutorial. Parts of this write-up are based on SAS Education material. This handout introduces you to HW 4 . HW4 builds upon HW2. STARTING HW4 BY REVIEWING HW1 Recall that in HW2 we worked with the Home Equity Loan data set (HMEQ). You may want to review your HW2 handout. As a reminder, in HW2 you had the following: Data Source HMEQ. Role and Level changes were made so that BAD=Target, DELINQ=Interval, DEROG=Interval, and NINQ=Interval. A Data Partition node with Training=67%, Validation=33%, Test=0% as the partition percentages. For HW4, change those percentages to 60% , 30% , and 10% , respectively. A Regression and a Decision tree which were compared for prediction performance. Start HW4 as follows: Open your HW2 project Create a new analysis diagram called hw4. Open diagram hw2. Select and copy the entire diagram. Paste it in diagram hw4. You may have to rename some nodes. You will have to run the nodes again. If you get an error mentioning that a certain data set was not found or does not exist, right-click the
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HMEQ_scoring_HW4_2010 - DSCI 4520/5240: HW4 Handout SCORING...

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