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HW2_SEMMA_2010 - questions listed below Screen...

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DSCI 4520/5240 – Data-Based Decision Support Systems Fall 2010 – HW2 Data: HMEQ Analysis: Overview of SEMMA process, model comparison Due: Sep 22, in class Instructions: 1. Start a new EM project as described in the handout for HW2, distributed in class. 2. Open the HMEQ data as described in the handout. 3. Follow the analysis steps described in the handout. 4. Turn in a printed word document with (i) a brief one-paragraph description of the HMEQ problem, (ii) a brief one-paragraph outline of your analysis including a screen shot of your final Diagram (p. 6 of the handout distributed in class), (iii) screen shots of various analysis steps as listed below, and (iv) your answers to the
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Unformatted text preview: questions listed below. Screen Shots/Exhibits: 1. Histogram (bar chart) for variable BAD, similar to the one shown on p. 4 of the HW2 handout. 2. Histogram of DEBINC by BAD, as shown on p. 6 of your HW2 handout. 3. A nicely formatted table listing descriptive statistics for the 10 Interval Variables as an embedded Excel object (see handout for HW2, p. 5). 4. Non-cumulative %Response charts similar to those on p. 8 of the HW2 handout. 5. Corresponding Cumulative %Captured Response charts. Questions: 1. Interpret in your own words the %Response charts #4 above. 2. Interpret in your own words the captured response charts #5 above....
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