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DSCI 4520/5240 – Data-Based Decision Support Systems HW4 Data: HMEQ Analysis: Scoring and Reporting Due: Dec 8, in class (this is now an extra credit assignment) HW Instructions: 1. Open the HMEQ data using SAS Enterprise Miner 2. Follow the analysis steps described the HW4 handout that was distributed in class (HMEQ_scoring_HW4_2010.pdf). 3. Turn in a printed word document with (i) a brief one-paragraph description of the HMEQ problem (it’s OK to copy it from your previous submissions), (ii) a brief one-paragraph outline of your analysis including a screen shot of your final Diagram, and (iii) screen shots of various analysis steps as listed below. This homework does not ask any questions at the end. Summary of the Exhibits (code listings, charts): 1. A screenshot of descriptive statistics for variable P_BAD1 from the Output window which is part of the Score node Results. This should be similar to the Output window shown on p. 2 of the HMEQ_scoring_HW4_2010.pdf handout. 2.
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