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DSCI 4520/5240 – Data-Based Decision Support Systems PR2 Data: DONOR_RAW Analysis: Decision Tree Due: Oct 6, in class Instructions: 1. Continue the analysis we started in PR1. Make sure you entered Prior Probability information (p. 39) and Profit Matrix information (p. 40) correctly. Then follow the analysis steps described in the Getting Started with SAS Enterprise Miner text, pp.61-101 to create two decision trees, one of which is an interactive decision tree. The interaction tree is OPTIONAL, as the interaction option may not be functional in our current installation of SAS EM 5.3.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Turn in a printed word document with (i) a brief one-paragraph description of the project problem, (ii) a brief one-paragraph outline of your analysis including a screen shot of your final Diagram as shown on p.75, and (iii) screen shots of various analysis steps as listed below. Screen Shots: 1. A cumulative Lift chart, as shown on p. 65. 2. A corresponding non-cumulative Lift chart. 3. A Profit chart, as shown on p. 69. 4. English Rules, as shown on p.73. Questions: 1. No questions in this assignment...
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