rate_change_2_sol - so that M = O. 'd . M- 3 . ~-=-k dr-J...

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Free calculus worksheets from www.analyzemath.com Calculus Worksheet: Rate of Chanae (11 A block of ice start melting at t = 0 where t is the time. The rate at which its mass M decreases is proportional to the cube root of the mass. If the initial (at t = 0) mass M is equal to 5 Kilograms and it is equal to 3 Kilograms at t = 1 hour, find t
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Unformatted text preview: so that M = O. 'd . M- 3 . ~-=-k dr-J nX~ ~ \\.-~J.('~ LJ _ y_ t-L,: ~ . d r~ S k ~t-d-i--v ~ '-/3 k\-+ c( C( 2. )-L. ) (~'\ V e~",- ) M (\;) "' J~ k r-+U1S')~'--~~ He,)-= ,I (~ k ( \) d1:1, f ~~ \ \Ie ~ k' k-" { C~~-\h( J . M (t-) " J~'F'-'R) h ;Jti'J'" 'V\ It-l:: cvvJ ~ lJe 1uv t to ob~-...
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