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Free calculus worksheets from www.analyzemath.com Calculus Worksheet: Rate of Chanae Cl1 The cross section of the container on the right is an isosceles trapezoid whose angle, lower base are given below. The length of the container is 1 meter. If water dh pours into the container at the rate of 10 em3 I min ute, find the rate dt of the height h of water in the container when h = 1 em. 'I~m ~IOSS seetion A",,£ (, ) ( (-rH ~o) h = 5G' (
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Unformatted text preview: h 2 h l--ru--6</) h -~'~) / + olx I + 2.. k /-c<M 61) ~ V D lLc~ ~ ( \ n,l)< C\A~ Q 1 c"-. .-;; k J;-. lM--:::"\"<':>C~. ~ ',-F.l"-otv l >/. y vVrt-'-~:: o.v. . ~~ . Free calculus worksheets from www.analyzemath.com d~-.... ,-, off-<-h-:: '} ~ J~ df-10 5"'0 + '2-00 h ~60u ! d /' J ~L"--/00. L~ oil) all-o Z r; u.-/ In'"-...
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