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Free calculus worksheets from Calculus Worksheet: Motion Problems (ll A particle moving along a straight line has an acceleration a = 4 t. When t = 0, the velocity v of the particle and its position s are respectively equal to 3 and 4. Find its position s as a function
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Unformatted text preview: of time t. V~) co J ~df-:o Pf)dl-. i ( rO) .--\-L-V (?) ~)~) I ~ I V (1--) =-~ r L + 3 s (~)::. l~~L+?')d\-=-~. ,C ~ + 3 \-1-\< 3 . ::::) 2 . CD) .p (0) +k~ ~-) fC ~ Lr S(f-) Free calculus worksheets from
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