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From Trigonometry Worksheet: Graph Trigonometric Functions (7) Graph the trigonometric function given by lA:: tu"d ~ f V\~ V,A" \fevhc(~ 6.-~~ 3x fn(~x) Sec(~)()~ ~ C;n l1)< y = -2sec(3x) 1k pev~~G~ of ~ ~ca.,\-V~ ~~ b~ ~ tVl ~ 0 ( '?,x ( 'Li" o 1)/ ·n ,1-
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Unformatted text preview: :&gt;1)/~ 21) ~1 I-\ U t 'jib 1Y3 ,,/,-L% q L-L\-L-A (V~ V,Ai L.'II~ vJ.-~ c \--I So fo Lv-d-=&quot;&gt; (X ( LJ3 flak,' lJe 0'--K s; ec (? x) ~ .-i-C,&gt; (J)t ) j 1-From
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