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From Trigonometry Worksheet: Trigonometric Equations (3) Solve the trigonometric equation given by 2 2 tan x SIn x = tanx o",yk lk~nrw\ [0)1\) ~"'-UL \-t~ fGV>:c.rJ 0 f~?'- tk ~o \~ cl\A-5 (Mre- W L,{ it-e\l'--
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Unformatted text preview: ~ ~ U;1l I 'I--=-+ kl' 4 )(.-== ~ T\ ~ ~'-G'~= L :=) [\'V'--Er '\ =-iK-\-L ~ .es~~~ C'\.r k C0 \AP s:o ~R t~ Y\~-iL-~ ~ >t~~(x) S , From
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