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Free from Math Worksheet: Geometry Problem Cl} 1. A rectangle of length 4 and width 3 units has one vertex at the origin of a sytesm of axes and another vertex on a quarter of a circle whose center is also at the origin. Find the shaded
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Unformatted text preview: area. C\.' y~ c--G t ~ vJ[~ CA-ik 1KcJ-{41~ 3 4 .\~~ 01 ~\h\. t <\ ( ~-=-). ~ ~ d lC<-Y VI",l t t\~ ~ld1Uj \e e <, R..-Y-kcL iM 4 d~J4L+\L' ~k~e~-:to (, (io~J j ~ ~CJ~tcc~ ~~ ~~.~ Free from
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