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Free from Math Worksheet: Geometry Problem @l A c B ( IE (0 S~ \1\ e.- vr~ho~ CL~ ~t lu L~t 1 -;:::: ) A-- I) -=- 1 L ,,::::) I+a~ .L_ L~ J3 L ~ r ' 0 '::>-lh 10 -= 1. ABC is a right triangle and D is a point on BC at a distance of 1/2 unit from point B. Angle BAD is 30 degrees and ADE
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Unformatted text preview: is a right angle. The distance CE is equal to 1 unit. Find x the distance from A to E. We F'v-k clV-C1w ~ ftYfe",-d((~~ tS Em ~ C. H e ~~ t-v\ C~tu Le~ l 112 L f[ I Cl ~J ~ t1-b cu L ~~ \Yt l Cd---ok1hLCk o O"\re.s \ \ -t X-...
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