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sol_area_6 - rcd&~"f tk J1~1 Ccrc(L cd R fLz...

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Free from www.analyzemath.com Geometry Worksheet: Area (§1 1. The large and the small circles are concentric with center at point O. Chord AS is tangent to the smaller circle at point C. Express the are of the ring between the two circles in terms of the length of segment AC. .----- r - ( L_ r 'L A leI- flL Z x! t
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Unformatted text preview: rcd&~ "f tk J1~1 Ccrc(L cd R fLz . vcut'"'-1 ~f (cwj er-~'h Ie <;'h Gt A e (( I-nJeVc;-fv b1A4!0i/ C{y~ =) OC /J IxvfoLJl Gvvlc0V I/-e vet/lA '--) 17"-'L ewe c.-/Iv ( /I-e Vi '''j 0l L .. L-(() L 'L) A r z-I (K .-Tl y == 71 Je--Jr Fee from www.analyzemath.com...
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