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AP Statistics Chapter 3 3.3 If a scatterplot shows a linear relationship, we would like to summarize this overall pattern by drawing a line through the scatterplot. The regression line describes how a response variable changes as the explanatory variable changes. Least-squares regression line is a method for finding a line that summarizes the relationship between two variables, but only in a specific setting. The slope of the least squares regression line is b= r This says that in the regression line the change of one standard deviation in x corresponds
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Unformatted text preview: to a change of r standard deviations in y. The coefficient of determination is r^2. A residual is the observed value – predicted y or y - You must become aware of any outliers or extreme observations in regression Correlation and regression are closely connected. You can examine the fit of a regression line by studying the residuals. You have to look for influential observations, they are often outliers in the x direction, but they need not have large residuals....
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