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Staci Shea AP Psychology Attraction - Interpersonal attraction is the attraction between people, which leads to friendships, and romantic relationships. Some people describe it as a force between two people that draw them together and make them resist separation. Similarity is an important part in interpersonal attraction. There are also many different areas of similarity contributing. Some of them are physical and some have to do with academics and morals. Majority and minority influences in our culture - In minority influence it is when a majority is being influenced to accept beliefs and
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Unformatted text preview: behaviors of the minority. It deals with more of a shift in private and personal opinion. Majority influence, however, is a change in behavior or beliefs because of real or imagined pressure. This is the social influence we call conformity. Altruism - Altruism is the selfless concern for the well being of others. It focuses on a motivation to want to help people or to want to do good without a reward. In most societies this is seen as a good thing to do. However in some (Hinduism) it is seen as a bad act with benefits for the person performing the good deed....
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