psych assign. pt 1 & 2 - Staci Shea AP Psychology...

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Staci Shea AP Psychology assignment Part 1: Psychopathology and the Bible The point of this article is to address the question of whether you can better understand the Bible from knowing psychopathology. The article is trying to make a point in the beginning that most people believe the Bible because of devotion or just learned habit. They say that we could better understand the Jewish people if we knew about Moses’ tendencies. They say that we might further understand why the Old Testament God was a God to be feared. “So anybody can see that the whole history of Israel as it is ruled by a meticulously formulated Law and in a spirit of merciless domination, should be a history of war and aggressive politics against those who do not belong to the elected people in the Promised Land.” They say that the above example is something that could encourage students to think of the Bible more deeply, using psychology and psychopathology. It helps people know the Bible in a deeper way, and think of it more as an actual human experience
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psych assign. pt 1 & 2 - Staci Shea AP Psychology...

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