psych ch 10 q - S taci Shea AP Psychology Chapter 10...

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Staci Shea AP Psychology Chapter 10 questions 1. During the final three months of pregnancy, a fetus is developed enough to hear and distinguish sounds from the outside world. Mothers read stories to their unborn children. Three days after the babies were born, they were taken into a laboratory and listened to the recordings of their mothers reading the stories. They could tell which stories the infants preferred by watching how they sucked the nipple. Newborns are more responsive to the familiar rhythms of their own mother’s voice, particularly when it is muffled, as in the womb. Babies also seem to be more responsive at birth to the language they were spoken to in while in the womb. This is a convincing argument that fetuses have “memory”. 2. Piaget believed that infant and children form schemas.Through a process of assimilation they try to fit new information into their existing schemas. They modify existing schemas to fit new information through accommodation. He also believed they
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psych ch 10 q - S taci Shea AP Psychology Chapter 10...

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