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psych chp. 6 and 7 - that pulled out a gun and a checkbook...

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Staci shea Chapter six memory Ap psych - sensory registry-stores everything that you glance at (2-3 seconds), doesn’t stay there, the ipm (information processing model) says that our senses can be remembered if it draws our attention into consciousness, it has to be encoded(to be transferred to one of the next two areas) , it has to be retrieved for use at a later time o iconic memory- visual, lasts half a second, easy to reflect it with lights, george sperling came up with this idea, he found that no matter how large the array of numbers or pictures people can name up to four or five of them o echoec memory- sound, for just a fraction of a second, christopher darwin came up with it, the gap of time between pitch giving is called choes memory, we do it for touch, and olefactory memory, smell, - short term memory (stm)- the next level, can hold about 7 +/- 2 pieces of information for about 20 seconds. Since it fades quickly people have to decide if it is worth remembering o Elizabeth loftus conducted a piece of research about subjets
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Unformatted text preview: that pulled out a gun and a checkbook, most looked at gun. May remember the gun but not the person or the checkbook o The duration of stm can be lengthened by maintnence rehersal, evenhouse came up with this. o Chunking is a process by which we putseveral things together in little groups, you will remember more if you can do this o Working memory was created by baddely, it is remembering how things go and processes, like riding a bike, and figuring out how things work from little pieces you already know, people with executive functioning disorder don’t have this o Cereal position curve is a possessive memory that says if given a string of things you are most likely to remember the first and the last. Called u shaped memory, Mary calkins came up with this-rehearsal (maintenance rehearsal)- studying,-long term memory is somewhat permanent- maint. Rehearsal keeps it there, it eventually fades away. This is why we have consistent review -...
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psych chp. 6 and 7 - that pulled out a gun and a checkbook...

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