sexist language - S taci Shea 5th period Sexist Language...

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Staci Shea 5 th period Sexist Language Sexist language is anything said that is supposed to include both males and females but deliberately excludes one of them. It is considered vary offensive to the person that belongs to the sex that is being excluded. Sexist language has become gradually less over the ears. You hear it mostly when talking about jobs. It seems like women get it less than men when talking about jobs. Women that wish to become firefighters, truck drivers, CEO’s or any job that was once considered “a mans job” are becoming more able to do these things without ridicule. On the other hand men that wish to become nurses or do something in the field of childcare are still receiving the same mockery they once did, perhaps just on a lighter scale. ( ) Although it may be true that women receive less sexism comments about the work, which they do, they do get a hard time with everything else. Some people are still living in a time in which they believe that the man should still have the more important role. In the past men have had the jobs
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and made the money and their wives or the women in their lives were there to care for the house and to care for them. There are still some men today that think this should still be the way of life. Women are also subject to many stereotypes in media. The way that
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sexist language - S taci Shea 5th period Sexist Language...

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