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Staci Shea AP Psychology Nature Vs. Nurture Some scientists believe that people behave the way we do because of genetics. This is referred to as the “nature” Theory of human behavior ( ). Scientists have known for a long time that humans receive traits such as eye and hair color through genetic tendencies. It has been more recent that they have stared to consider that we also receive some behavioral tendencies from the genes we receive. (Such as anger, humor, ect.) If the nature theory of human development were proven true there are some that would be able to use this as some sort of excuse to get out of trouble. Such as in court cases. This scares many people, and for that reason the search for the truth has been a large debate. Some scientists believe that some people are more inclined to commit criminal acts due to genetics. Many would also say that there seems to be an increase in criminal behavior in adopted children. Whether homosexuality could be a result of genetics has also been a debate among scientists. Many people use the excuse “I cant help it I was born this way” in regards to their sexuality. The truth is we are not certain of that fact. If we were to assume momentarily that homosexuality was genetic, then the most one could conclude is that those individuals were not morally responsible for being homosexual. However, that does not mean that they are not morally responsible for homosexual actions ( ). You have control over whether you choose to peruse this “preference” or not. Therefore, even if it were possible to posses a
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“homosexual gene” one would not be able to use this as an excuse to carry out the actions that are congruent with this gene. Many say that if genetics didn’t play a part in our behavior then fraternal twins
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Psychology Notes - Staci Shea AP Psychology Nature Vs....

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