modernism - - Modernism brought the fact that we cannot...

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Unformatted text preview: - Modernism brought the fact that we cannot prove the t ruth w hether god does or doesn’t exist This happened with a lot The certainty of reality (reality is perception) There is a focus on the unconscious In terpretation of dreams Unconscious almost equal to conscience A shift from linear t ime to moment t ime Time depends on human perception I t depends on us seeing it to be real Nature vs. nur ture There are only two ways we thing. Subject doing something and subject being something, subject and verb. Perceive everything as the thing that is I and that is not I A lot of things about modernism were viewed as negative I t says everybody is equal and everyone gets a shot Fiction in modernism: Character- a disappearance of character summary, Plot- cant t rust anybody or your own mind Memento! (movie) – directed by Christopher Nolen Style: stream of conscience, inside your head. Point of view: no more t rusting the narrator. Mul tiple points of v iew may be expressed. ...
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